Rules & Regulations

  1. Alcohol is limited to wine, champagne & beer and must be served by a licensed bartender - no self-service is permitted anywhere on the property at any time; there is a 3-keg limit with a comparable case/can limit.
  2. At Morgan Acres, smoking is strictly prohibited in all places on the property except for ONE designated smoking area. This smoking policy is strictly enforced.
  3. No open flames are permitted on the property at any time; this includes but is not limited to candles, lighters, Japanese Lanterns, tiki torches, sparklers, etc. A bonfire may be provided at Morgan Acres’ sole discretion.
  4. No confetti of any kind permitted; no synthetic petals can be dropped on the grounds (only real petals).
  5. Both the bar service and music must end promptly at 11:00pm; all guests exit property by Midnight.
  6. No food or drinks permitted in the Groom's Den at any time.
  7. Guests are permitted to access the Grand Barn and adjacent grounds only; no access to other structures or parts of the property is permitted at any time. Guests may not pick any produce from the orchards or gardens at Morgan Acres for any reason.
  8. No physical contact with any animals is permitted due to insurance guidelines.
  9. No permanent alterations to the structure are permitted and nothing can be affixed to the structure by the Guest; No screws, no nails, no peel-n-stick, etc. All wall-hangings must be approved by Morgan Acres staff.
  10. Guests are not permitted to move or relocate any items in the Grand Barn, this includes tables, pictures, trash cans, furniture, etc.; if you would like something moved, please see the Morgan Acres staff.
  11. Catering must be provided by a licensed catering service, no self-serve is permitted. No food trucks are permitted. Caterer must actually serve & clean up all food items.
  12. Children must be under adult supervision at all times.
  13. Nothing can be placed in front of 50% of the front and rear barn doors. Exit doors cannot be obstructed.
  14. No supplemental heat (space heaters) is permitted; it can be supplied by Morgan Acres at the guest’s full expense.
  15. In case of inclement weather, the Morgan Acres staff, at their sole discretion, can make modifications which include but are not limited to: opening/closing barn doors, the setup of outdoor sound equipment, parking restrictions, etc.
  16. Popcorn and shelled peanuts to be served and consumed outdoors only.
  17. If on-site parking is prohibited by weather, shuttle service is required at the guest's full expense. Shuttle service MUST be coordinated by the Morgan Acres staff. Price varies based upon the number of buses needed and the type of bus. Offsite parking is within 1/4 mile.
  18. Any variation from the final, signed floor-plan less than 2 weeks prior to your event will result in a $200 change fee.

Please Click here to download and complete a copy of the Rules & Regulations.

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